Release of cloud services to manage media contents

The beginning of this year 2013 is full of news in the transcoding cloud world. The two main platforms announced the release of their own solutions :

I made some posts to introduce Azure Media Services (part 1, part 2) available after May  2012. Here is a quick overview to compare those different services.

Platform Models

Here is a quick overview of each platform models.

Amazon Elastic Transcoding


Azure Media Services

Media Services Architecture


This table exposes the differents features supported by each solutions.

[table id=3 /]

Both solutions give the opportunity to create our own presets but there are also some generic presets available : for iDevices, for mobiles, generic profiles for SD and HD.


Each cloud company applies its own pricing, not based on the same parameters.

Amazon Elastic Transcoding

On Amazon side, the price is based on output content duration. You have two prices :

  • for Standard resolution (less than 720p) : 0,072€ per minute
  • for HD (more than 720p) : cost of SD x 2 per minute

windowsazureMicrosoft, on the other side, applies on Azure Media Service a pricing on encoded GigaBytes processed. They count input and output datas. The pricing begins at 1,99$ by GigaBytes up to 5TeraBytes / Month. It reduces when you use more the service. This prices don’t include the storage on Amazon S3 or Azure Storage.

To choose the good one, you need to make a table to compare, it depends of your usage. I will try soon to expose one or more architectures based on those two services to manage video assets. So keep in touch 😉

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