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I discover the web at the end of the 90s with HTML and Javascript. After that, I migrate to PHP. I currently work on the transcoding platform for a media company in France. I worked previously on high available website, mobile projects (on iOS and Android).

I am now a Solution architect in the CDN company. You can find my resume [PDF] and my LinkedIn profile

You can find others posts I made on  the M6Web Technical Blog (in French)

I like to learn by experience at the same time I am hacking on things. Currently preparing the french hamradio licence.

You can contact me via the form below :

1 thought on “Who am I ? – Contact

  1. Gavin


    I want to pull a hls stream and restream it at the exact same quality from my server.

    How do I do this?

    I have been playing on my linux distro (debian) with ffmpeg and nimble streamer but I am having no luck whatsoever.

    I would like some help.

    Kind regards,


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