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News from online video ecosystem – week 15 – NAB – Acquisitions

This week is not a common week, it is the week of the NAB Show… To go with this event, many news I expose to you.

NAB Show is also the time to make acquisition’s announcements :

Some others informations are too available :

News from online video ecosystem – week 13 – DRM – ffmpeg – DASH

One week after TVConnect and 2 before the NAB, here are my news list :

Notes about video ecosystem – week 20 – DRM – VP9 – Encoding – Live

A new week with some interesting news in our ecosystem.

Please note the IBC will be in 4 months now, so some news will coming in few weeks now.

AWS re:Invent 2012 – selection of interesting media tracks

The Amazon Web Services re:Invent conference was done in last November at Las Vegas. There was some talks about different applications or different usage of the cloud solution provide by Amazon. I selected 3 of them which can be very interesting and talked about the media processing : the Netflix architecture, how to scale, etc…

Netflix’s Transcoding Transformation

Scalable Media Processing

Addressing Security in Media Workflows