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News from video ecosystem – week 2 – CES – 4K – ABR

I want to wish you an happy new year with some big news in our passionating online video ecosystem. This week there is the Consumer Electronic Show with I hope few news around 4K and UHD.

In the encoding ecosystem, there was some news too :

But in my humble opinion, this is the main news of the week :

Notes about video ecosystem – week 17

A new week with few news about the video ecosystem :

Notes about video ecosystem – week 12 – TV Connect – DASH

There was TV Connect event in London during this week. This was the opportunity to many company make announcements or talk about the video ecosystem.

There is too other informations this week:

To end with this post, don’t forget the NAB Show in 3 weeks at Las Vegas. During this event, there will be many announcements.